Orinoco Books

A bookstore/library hybrid
in the East of Leipzig!

Orinoco Books Bookstore Leipzig

You can buy (most of) our secondhand books – and thereby help us pay the rent – but you can also become a member and borrow them. This way more people can read the same book. Our collection can be found here:

upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled

Membership Plans

Read as many books as you want by becoming a member

Emma Goldman


stroll. no private property 

  • just come by and spend time with us

Jean Genet

(2€ /month)

poor. but giving

  • borrow as many books as you want 
  • keep 1 book per year

Virginia Woolf

(5€ /month)

victorian. wealth

  • borrow as many books as you want
  • keep 2 books per year and keep us alive

The Fitzgeralds

(10€ /month)

squander! generous, unhealthy support 

  • borrow as many books as you want 
  • keep 4 books per year and get a present for Simone Weil’s birthday

Order Form

You can order books through us!
Just fill out the form or order directly in the store.
Books arrive on Mondays and Thursdays!

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