The Smallest Desk on Earth#1: Jiny Metro


(Sun 19.02.2023
 / 19:30


(Orinoco Books
 / Mariannenstr. 18, 04315 Leipzig


(free entry

When I started Orinoco Books, I wanted to create a place
For people who wanted to read books in their mother tongue
And for those who wanted to widen their horizons,
by reading books in other languages.

But I also had another dream: to bring wonderful music to our neighborhood!
Sometimes you need to meet the right person to make something work.
Recently we added Ashley to our team. (Some of you might know him from his band the Ocelots.)
With him on board, things that seemed difficult and complicated before
All of a sudden were made feasible:

We’d like to invite you to a special performance on the 19th of February in our bookshop.
It is the first of a new series called “The Smallest Desk on Earth”
(inspired by various other performances at comically small writing desks)

The band is called Jiny Metro. They are from the Czech Republic. (Doors: 19:30)
Here’s a video
Here’s another!
We want to make it worth a trip to Leipzig for them.
This is why admission will be 10 euros. All of which goes directly to the artist.

We have a limited number of spots available: 20.
Because you are an Orinoco member, we want to give you the first chance to reserve a spot.
Tomorrow we will open reservations for everybody else.
You can reserve a spot by replying to this email!

Hope to see you there!

The show was such fun!
You can see the session here:

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