Literatures [in translation] from [contemporary] Africa


(Sat 12.08.2023


(Orinoco Books
 / Mariannenstr. 18, 04315 Leipzig


(free entry

In August, Leipzig resembles a desert – but not at our beloved Orinoco!
We have a special event for all those who are not lying at some beach
waiting to get sunburnt: on the 12th August, 4pm we will talk about
Literatures [in translation] from [contemporary] Africa. We have invited
three publishers to talk about challenges and pleasures of publishing
and translating literatures from Africa and from its diaspora. We would
like to discuss among others following questions: Which languages play a
role when we talk about „Literatures from Africa”? Are the voices of
those not writing in English or French, heard? Who translates texts
written in indigenous languages? Which debates and topics are present in
contemporary works? How do books and the choice of language reflect the
colonial history? What charactirizes the contemporary literary scene in
Africa? How do publishers in Europe find books for their publishing
We are looking forward to our three guests from Berlin who will present
some novelties from their publishing houses:

Venice Trommer (Publisher, Translator), Interkontinental Verlag
Jona Elisa Krützfeld (Publisher), Akono Verlag und
Dzekashu MacViban (Publisher), Bakwa Books.

There will be three panels, the first two in German, the last one in

Come and join us!

Tünde, Max & the Orinco-Crew

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