The Smallest Desk on Earth #6 Flora Hibberd


(Fri 06.10.2023
 - Sat 07.10.2023
 / 20:00


(Orinoco Books
 / Mariannenstr. 18, 04315 Leipzig


(10 EUR

Flora will play an intimate concert at the bookstore on 6.10 and 7.10

Born in London, Flora Hibberd is an indie-folk musician based in Paris. Her first two EPs were followed by the seven-song ‘Hold’ in 2021, which opened the door to a live session hosted by Cerys Matthews on BBC6 Music, as well as a host of Parisian shows, and in 2022 she was signed by the New York label 22Twenty. In 2023 she travelled to the town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to record her first full-length album with producer Shane Leonard (JE Sunde, Anna Tivel). The songs represent an investigation into language, images and objects, sometimes characterised by an air of mysticism, nevertheless anchored in the habitual. As they unfold, we  may encounter medieval tapestries or transistor radios, living creatures or celestial bodies, in an enigmatic world of sensation and immateriality.
The concerts were fantastic!
You can see the session here:

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