Reimagining Prosperity: postcapitalist alternatives for how we can live well together


(Sat 03.02.2024
 / 19:00


(Orinoco Books
 / Mariannenstr. 18, 04315 Leipzig


(free entry

Pete North is Professor of Alternative Economies at the University of
Liverpool, UK.  In his talk Pete will explore fresh ideas for a better
future given the current climate crisis. By refusing to accept the
dominance of free market values, he shows how people have experimented
with new forms of money, alternative models of being entrepreneurial,
with better ways to organise our communities, and finally with new
conceptions of what it means to live ‘well’ together.  Pete envisions
hopeful alternatives to our current unsustainable path, suggesting
that what we need to do is work to make these alternatives better
rather than assuming they don’t work or bemoaning our fate.

For more about his work:

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