Orinoco Kino: Szerelem


(Tue 11.07.2023
 / 20:30


(Orinoco Books
 / Mariannenstr. 18, 04315 Leipzig


(free entry

Szerelem (Love) – Károly Makk, 1971, 84 minutes
(Hungarian, with English subtitles)

This Tuesday, at the first edition of this years Orinoco-Kino, we will show Károly Mákk’s Szerelem (Love), based on two short stories (Szerelem/Love and Két asszony/Two Women) by Tibor Déry.

Against the backdrop of communist totalitarianism, the wife of a political prisoner eases her old, bedridden mother-in-law with a conjured-up narrative about her son’s film career in the US.

In this Hungarian classic, with its remarkable dreamlike sequences and flashbacks, Makk’s take on love is not an easy one. Rather, it shows people telling each other stories, posing, trying to not bend to circumstances, yet inescapably doing so.

Tuesday, 11th July 20:30
Hinterhaus, Eisenbahnstr. 182 (through the gate, the building straight ahead)
Entry: free/donation based

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